Bird -> Bat  

Posted by Flneur

Just realized that with minimum modification, my "bird" can become a "bat". See below.

U must be going to say "oh come on, where on earth it looks like a bat"

Let me try again. See below again...

much better, right?

Anyway I intended to draw a scary bat like those fly off from the vampire's body. However it turned out to be a cute bat.

My Doodles Artworks 2  

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My Doodles Artworks  

Posted by Flneur

The view outside my classroom

I was wondering...


Posted by Flneur

Doodle? For someone like me who ages @ 24 years old, it seems like too childlish and useless. Drawing is certainly not what I can and like to do. If I have more free times, I would rather spend them on reading comics, playing games, dating and whatever else. But definitely not drawing.. Why? Cuz I choose to do whatever I want and like to do.

However did it apply when I was only 4-5 years old? I think.. I don't know cuz I can't remember. If I can't remember now, it means I probably can't recall it at any point of time in future. So too bad I think I can never find the answer.